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Community Service

       The G.E.M.A. Foundation is always supportive to the community whether it is organizing and producing musical, educational or cultural events to help stimulate a more positive environment or simply to engage the communities participation.

        We are there, to make a difference and an impact. Providing these services, projects, and events for middle schools, high schools and colleges is our way of giving back to the commnities we serve.

        We support the health and well being of everyone. In order to thrive and excel, we realize the importance of America's diverse artistic and cultural history. It is the foundation of our great nation.

We are a part of creating an intergenerational culture of respect and appreciation that honors, the rights, dignity, integrity, and value of each indiviual creative contributor. We believe this is vital.

Girard College - Art & Entertainment

8th & 9th grade students line dancing with (JBR) Michael Jackson impersonator.

Girard Gollege - Art & Entertainment

7th, 8th, & 9th graders doing the moon walk.

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