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G.E.M.A. Honors

Executive Advisory Board Biographies

Our Executive Advisory Board Directors are among the most talented in the industry. It is our pleasure to put our extensive knowledge and experience to work in building strong community relations, good citizenship, stewardship and service worldwide.

Dee Wellmon, a seasoned music business veteran and educator brings more than 46 years of experience to the GH Executive Advisory Board. Her expertise is in international entertainment business negotiations, record company operations, artist packaging, event production/planning, music business educational development, and interactive branding. She's the owner of "Ragin' Rhythms Connections, LLC which provides artist management services and produces the "Ragin' Rhythms Connection Internet Radio Network". The network provides artist interviews and publicity for their creative products while increasing their popularity rate index.

Stephen C. Kelly, music business entrepreneur, author, publisher, founder and original member of the R&B vocal group "The Volcanos" and Music Ambassador for the G.E.M.A. Foundation brings not only his knowledge as a successful businessmen and leader in the community but his creative talent as a performer as well to the G.E.M.A. Honors Executive Advisory Board of the GMH Annual Project Event. As a professional entertainer, his knowledge of record company operations, music production, artist management and other related artist services are the golden nuggets he is able to share with the organization in fostering its growth and expansion in the global market.

Vivienne Crawford, Esq., former special ed teacher who changed her career path and moved in the direction of entertainment law. She has truly made her presence known by functioning as one of the lead negotiators with Warner Bros. and Mercury Records in representing several major acts in the 80's & 90's. She continues to share her knowledge and expertise with an A-list client base including several major cultural art, music non-profit organizations and theatrical companies. She brings a sense of urgency to the G.E.M.A. Honors Executive Advisory Board while making sure things get done expeditiously.

Maria Lozada, creative photographer/videographer, artist manager and branding specialist brings 22 years of experience in the entertainment arts to the G.E.M.A. Honors Executive Advisory Board. She's also the owner of ML Visuals, a video and photography production company servicing the creative arts and corporate advertising campaigns. 

Helen Scott, an original member of the international female vocal group "The Three Degrees" and Music Ambassador for the G.E.M.A. Foundation. As a theatrical-music veteran performer she brings artist development training strategies, project event planning techniques, youth development and vocal coaching to the G.E.M.A. Foundation. Her talents will assist our organization in providing a stronger creative presence in the global market. 

Norman Connors, an American jazz drummer, composer, arranger, producer and Music Ambassador for the G.E.M.A. Foundation brings his expertise to our organization. As a talented producer and musician whose accomplishments are highly recognized all over the world will help our organization to provide additional music education and training for our youth educational exchange programs.

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