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Philadelphia's Musical & Cultural History

"Recognizing Excellence"

The International female group “Labelle” is recognized as the funk rock-psychedelic soul girl band. This in itself is outstanding history for “Labelle” who has traveled and performed in the European market and the United States spreading this unique style of music and artistic expression. They have really functioned as Musical and Cultural Art leaders of Philadelphia simply by sharing their culture, music and artistic styles globally. Support the campaign of preserving Philadelphia's Musical & Cultural History at

The Three Degrees, are known internationally and have earned numerous accolades throughout the years. The Three Degrees have performed for Kings and Queens, Government and Religious dignitaries including global audiences and they are still going strong. They are celebrating more than 52 years in the entertainment arts. When the Three Degrees come to mind, you immediately think of their most famous song, "When Will I See YouAgain". The Three Degrees current lineup includes Helen Scott, Valerie Holiday, and Freddie Poole with a legacy of multi-platinum and gold hits to their credit. The Three Degrees are the longest running female vocal group in the world…for confirmation of this fact check the Guinness Book of Record.

*** If you agree that "The Three Degrees" and “Labelle” deserves this amazing honor in Philadelphia, we ask that you sign our petition. We seek acknowledgment of their creative contributions worldwide, their impact within the musical arts and gain public awareness, respect, and appreciation in celebrating Philadelphia’s Musical and Cultural History by “Recognizing Excellence” – the awesome groups,"The Three Degrees" and “Labelle”


                                                                ***Philadelphia's Musical & Cultural History***

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