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Established in 2013, the G.E.M.A. Foundation seeks to expand the public's awareness and appreciation of the numerous contributions made

by artists' all over the world. We preserve these artistic works by capturing audio recordings, visual documentations, pictorials and through our forthcoming new project the G.E.M.A. Virtual Museum.

The G.E.M.A. Foundation fulfills its mission by providing these historic experiences to a global audience and for future generations through several different vehicles which include:

  •  The Annual "Golden Mic Honors" Tribute Ceremony
  • The G.E.M.A. Musical Arts Exchange Program
  • The E.I.C.D. Youth Summer Project
  •  The G.E.M.A. Musical & Cultural Festival
  • The G.E.M.A. Short Film Festival
  • The G.E.M.A. Concert Series
  • The E.I.C.D. Scholarship Assistance Program 
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