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 The G.E.M.A. Golden Mic Honors Tribute

Award Series 

Carol Williams - 2015 Honorable Chairwoman

Anita Ward -2015 Honorable Co-Chairwoman


G.E.M.A. GMH Honoree

Councilman -At-Large

David OH


G.E.M.A. Music Ambassador

Norman Connors


G.E.M.A. GMH Honoree

Raye Jones Avery


G.E.M.A. GMH Honoree

Debi B. Jackson


G.E.M.A. GMH Honoree

New Artist Mara Justine

The G.E.M.A.

Foundation Tribute Award

"The Golden Mic Honors"


The Golden Mic Honors was designed to illuminate and perpetuate the careers of "The GMH Honorees" for their creative works and leadership throughout the world. 

All of these GMH Honorees have made history at one time or another. The GMH is here to acknowledge and recognize that history so it can be shared by future generations.

The Golden Mic Honors goal is to bridge the gap of the old and new so that there can be a greater appreciation and respect for the creative arts and the influence they provide to us all.

The GMH recognizes these creative Voices for their continuous stellar performances and leadership in Broadcasting, Music, Journalism, Sports, Multimedia Education, Publishing and Production as they have demonstrated a significant impact within the creative arts with one powerful tool, their Voices....

The GMH Awards Eligibility Selection Criteria

  1. The GMH Honoree must be in the creative/entertainment arts for a minimum of 15 years.

  2. The Artist/Personality must have released at least one record on a National Top 100 Chart.

  3. The Artist/Broadcasting Personality must have held an anchor position for at least five years. 

  4. The Sport Personality must be a world class athlete or personality who has earned at least a national title which is listed on record.

  5. The Journalist/Publishing Personality must have at least ten published works on record.

  6. The Educator/Producer Personality must have at least 15 years in Entertainment Bus. Management, Music Ed. and/or Production as a Senior Dept. Head or Senior Lead Educator.

Governing Body

The Executive Advisory Board and the Executive Judging Committee will be the governing body who will select the GMH Honorees from the following professional categories:

  • Broadcasting
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Sports
  • Multimedia Education
  • Publishing
  • Production
  • Dance

The GMH Executive Advisory Board will employ the services of a national accounting firm to maintain and keep account of all GMH ballots and expenditures pertaining to the annual Golden Mic Honors Tribute Award Series Ceremony.

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